About Decker+Kutic’ photography The secret of their success lies in the great distribution of tasks; second is the planning; third is the creative pool of ideas that never empties. Versatile in photo techniques, with a great background in fashion, they sublimate the future of advertorial, fashion and beauty photography. From the moment they first met in 2008. to the very present, they were famous for collaborations with gifted artists and exchange of great energy with a worldwide list of clients. Their approach executes the tasks in a surgically precise manner, focusing on strong communication with team members. They presented results of their work in glossy publications Cosmopolitan, Elle, Grazia, MarieClaire, Sensa Magazine, StoryBook, along with campaigns and publications for clients such as Arena, Chanel Beauty, Fashion.hr, FreyWille, Havas, Liberté, London Fashion Week, L’oreal, Roba, Sheriff&Cherry, Ghetaldus etc.

Both Croats by birth, they live in Zagreb and travel frequently all over the world seeking new opportunities.