About Maja Pecanic photography Maja is the fine art food photographer, not only because she finished Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, she is capable of finding connection between graphic arts, painting and photography, for her it is all expression in a defined format, playing with elements of composition, with the interaction of light, shadow and color. The camera is just a medium for that form and photography a technique in which she expresses herself best as an artist. Here are some thoughts she wanted to share about food photography and the way she feels it:”I try to capture the atmosphere and the moment, the feeling that food and everything around it provides. People have always experienced food in very personal ways. It is a vital part of our lives, not merely a way to gain energy needed to sustain life. Food is connected to personal rituals, to family memories; it is how we spend time with friends and how we find enjoyment when we are alone. I try to create just such a relationship in my photos; I attempt to depict food in such contexts. But all this would be quite impossible without the food stylists I work with who share my views of food and food photography.”
       Maja is not only the food photographer, she is also very talented food stylist and connoisseur. Her work is featured in Playboy, Elle and Sensa magazines and more than twenty cookbooks made with best chefs in the world of cooking.