About Marko Butrakovic,DoP/cameraman/steadicam If you want your moving pictures to look like high budget movie that’s Marko’s specialty. He is DoP/cameraman/steadicam operator who works only with HD SLR and he’s doing it great. Also, he’s flying UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) and with his team he has developed several types of multirotor UAVs capable of advanced aerial filming tasks. At this moment they are the most experienced close range aerial filming team in this part of Europe. All required equipment is his property. “If you don’t have your own equipment you can’t use it it every day. And if you don’t use it every day you can’t learn to bring out maximum from every part of it.” From that logic comes the quality in production and postproduction that is easily recognizeable in 17 countries on 5 continents he’s been working.