The Promise_Luka Nizetic from Mare Milin, great video for popular singer.

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The song is about a mortal wish. The literal translation of the title is “The Promise”. There is a constant dialogue between a young, dying woman and her beloved one. She doesn’t want any sorrow, tears, pity, or usual signs…


One pot dish by Maja Danica Pecanic

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This photographs are taken for the “7 dana“ editorial,  monthly edition of Dobra hrana, Jutarnji list (a leading Croatian daily newspaper).  


Alduk_bridal collection

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This is a little homage to late Deborah Turbeville, considering color and texture of the photos. This photos were shot I a very short time, in a beautiful space- painter Zlatan Vehabović’s working atelier. I wish I could shoot analogue,…

SAHJ (Page 83)

— breaking news — :-) Mare on the cover and into the Hairdressers Journal South Africa

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Mijun international hair photo session got on the cover and into the Hairdressers Journal South Africa… congrats to Mare Milin !  


Freywille jewelery collection devoted to Friedensreich Hundertwasser

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Freywille jewelry collection devoted to Friedensreich Hundertwasser is truly original, different and special. Through the dedication of the famous Austrian artist and his peculiar view of the world, the unique blend of art and modern jewelry is woven into the…

koke barouque-488_editb

Storybook_conceptual fashion aditorial_neo_baroque

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It is all about women and their relationship to themselves, watching their reflection in mirror, or just indulging the solitude, or simply performing. I call that self-voyeurism. and I was the other voyeur. all the photos are really a mirror…


The Book: For baby and child, 2nd part

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After the first bestseller book, comes the second part: For baby and child. The book about healthy and balanced nutrition for your small ones. All about health problems, with clear instructions about available home remedies.  


Charlie design FW

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Against The Wind One huge ventilator, one huge black curtain and a great model, together with the effort of everybody who made this campaign come true. The photos are simple representing the true spirit of a very uncomplicated fashion line…


Cardas Audio EM5813 Ear Speaker

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Components of the E5813 were manufactured in Oregon, California, and The People’s Republic of China. Custom alloys were sourced from Italy, Germany, and the U.S., magnets from China, and thin film from Japan. Photographed in Croatia by Romulic & Stojcic…


ELLE COVER — naked Severina!

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ELLE COVER Severina, most famous celebrity in the Balkans region, pop-folk Queen posing naked for Elle cover is the first class sensation and it is covered by all major news media in the region. And that’s not THE END. If…

charlie SS 2013-464b

Charlie design SS — The Time Of Innocence

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this shoot was meant to be a story, a series of sequneces which depict a relation between the two female characters. the name: time of innocence stands, quite nostalgically, for those times when the important values were empathy, compassion, passion,…

decker kutic

HASSELBLAD MASTERS 2014 — probably the most prestigious photo competition, and we are in…:-)

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The Hasselblad Masters represent photography at its finest; at its most inspired, most communicative, most beautiful. They are young, old, western, eastern, classical, experimental, traditional, modern, and futuristic. They have perhaps but one thing in common: they are masters at…


Stanko Abadzic – – – in Schwarzweiss magazine

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Renowned German magazine for black and white photography, Schwarzweiss in its latest edition brings portfolio of photographer Stanko Abadzic. Photographs have been selected by Florian Adler, the editor of the magazine.  


There is a light that never goes out…

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Photo series  taken for the “7 dana“ editorial,  monthly edition of Dobra hrana, Jutarnji list (a leading Croatian daily newspaper)


Sensa magazine Xmas 2013

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Holiday spirit, first really cold day, divine Nadja Bozic as a model together with a fairytale styling by Barbara Repe made this shoot for a wellbeing magazine Sensa (Croatian issue) come true. The general idea of all the Sensa shoots…


Mario Romulic is a star of the new VIP TVC (VIP is Croatian largest mobile service provider)

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Romulic is Canon ambassador of photography, best known for his wild life and sport photography and that is the reason why he is the star of this humorous TVC about signal coverage in remote locations of Croatia. He is himself…

Winter food02b

Winter food, “7 dana“ photo pictorial

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Collection of photographs  taken for the “7 dana“ editorial,  monthly edition of “Dobra hrana“, Jutarnji list (a leading Croatian daily newspaper)  


Dreaming of textures ::::: by Decker+Kutic’

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TEXTURIZED Find inspiration for your intimate eclectic combinations in boldly made combinations of temporary and antique clothes and hand crafted accessories/jewelry specially made for this shooting by Petar Trbovic our stylist. This shooting was fashion editorial for Storybook magazine, models…


Aspic feast

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Editorial for magazine Mrvica (a leading and most progressive Croatian food magazine).


Promotion of “Adriatic Routes”, Stanko Abadzic’s new book.

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Stanko Abadžić is a photographer/geographer. He is also a scenographer of his own cultural geography. His method of authorial search can be described most succinctly in the words of Ola Söderström, who says that geographers of culture are analyzing the…


The Autumn Comfort food

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a serial of photos taken for the 7 dana editorial, monthly edition of Dobra hrana, Jutarnji list (a leading Croatian daily newspaper)


Theatre show ”Deserter” posters

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Sasa Bozic’s  show called ‘ deserter ‘ will be premiered on the 16th October in Hall & TD , starting at 20 o’clock. Inspired by the cult Marinkovic ‘ Cyclops ‘ and the film ‘ Take Shelter ‘ Jeff Nichols…

Contactless - story2 230x97b

Erste_contactless card

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  These photos stand for a commercial purpose, advertising the new, contactless card, first offered to the clients by the Erste Bank, Croatia. The actor on the photos is Charlie Anson, an acclaimed British theatre and TV persona. The photos…


Importanne resort — Royal Princess

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The Royal Princess Hotel is a new hotel in Importanne Resort, designed to pamper every guest and to offer premium services. In its 54 suites this hotel has prepared ideal accommodations in comfortable beds, with a spectacular view over the…


The End of Summer

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a serial of photos taken for the 7 dana editorial, monthly edition of Dobra hrana, Jutarnji list (a leading Croatian daily newspaper)

5D3A1316 Panorama

The Korta Katarina winery by Romulic & Stojcic

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The Korta Katarina, Southern Croatian winery and its villa “Rivijera Orebic” are a wine lovers dream. The first venue of its kind in Southern Croatia, the winery, villa and vineyards are perched on the edge of the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea…


Cookbook “Bread”

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Pocket cookbook for publishing house Planetopija.

martinko SS2014-88Tomislav Marić>Pozdrav

Ivona Martinko fashion catalog shooting

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Ivona Martinko fashion catalog shooting…  

mijun collection-703ab

Mijun international_hair

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This set of photos was made for the various hair publications and hairdresser’s contests, ordered and produced by Mijun hair international, founded by Michael Jung, Hamburg. Mijun is a group of extremely talented and professional hairdressers, coming from Germany, Greece,…


Medical stock photography by Romulic & Stojcic

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Romulic & Stojcic have a great deal of Medical stock photography, please send inquiry for detailed catalog on iKiosk.  


Chicken Guerilla

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The photo has been taken on a small free-range chicken farm in Lipovljani, Croatia. The farm is specialised in egg production. It is famous for old domestic breeds fed with organic food grown by the farm owners.   This photograph…



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a serial of photos  taken for the 7 dana editorial,  monthly edition of Dobra hrana, Jutarnji list (a leading Croatian daily newspaper)


Stanko Abadzic’s book ”Paris” in Lauba

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Exibition opening and promotion of Stanko Abadzic’s book ”Paris” in Lauba, biggest and most prestigious private gallery in Croatia. Paris. No glamour. Just ordinary people, ordinary situations seen extraordinary way with extraordinary eye. Find exibition catalog here.


Stanko’s exhibition in Matica Hrvatske Gallery

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Stanko is very often guest of turkish galleries, but this time he’s trying to bring closer turkish way of life to western hemisphere. The aesthetic quality and visual delight of carefully staged shots lays out a spidery fan/veil of mood,…


Reviving Foods

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a serial of photos  taken for the 7 dana (7 days) editorial,  monthly edition of Dobra hrana, Jutarnji list (a leading Croatian daily newspaper).

vesmasina_image -364ab

Vesmasina shop_editorial

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It was meant to be a day of pure fun on set, with one bright blue background, extra long-legged and very funky red head, Josipa, cupids, hearts, red accents, white clouds and all… and so it was. This shoot is…


City museum Bjelovar, Exhibition ”Prag”

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The enigmatic beauty of Prague’s ancient streets and cul-de-sacs also helped deepen the sense of misterioso that inhabits so many of Abadzic’s images. The furtive pose and voyeuristic overtones of “Curiosity, Prague” transforms a commonplace scene into a Cocteau-like meditation…


Painted black

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Black onion rolls and black pasta – black food made sumptous, from the Prigusite svjetlo (Dim the lights) editorial, culinary magazine Mrvica.

COZ modaHR177-1-011b

Cosmopolitan fashion spread HR177-1-011

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This fashion spread was shot for the Croatia issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. The background for the shoot was a former ballet school based in the old city of Zagreb. The school was being emptied right at the time we were…


Mushroom Catch

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A day of mushroom hunting with a real mushroom connossieur in the forest before the first snow. After the return, mushrooms are being sorted out on the table, and a serious decisions related to the ways of preparation are being…


Traditional Istrian Pasta

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Making traditional Istrian pasta the old way – Labinjonski krafi at Dvori od Skrapi, Croatia. This photograph has been taken during a food tasting of various dishes prepared with freshly picked ingredients from the forests and meadows surrounding the village…


The best croatian film up to 2 min on Zagreb Tourfilm Festival 2012

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    Visnjan observatory timelapse teaser from Romulic & Stojcic on Vimeo. This video is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION! This is just a teaser that’s going to be updated after we polish out everything. A short timelapse teaser by Mario ROMULIC…