About Stanko Abadzic photography Welcome to the analog world, where everything is B&W and pictorial. He is the most internationally known fine art photographer from Croatia. Only tool he uses is the middle format camera and one lens. Everything else is redundant. Photographs conceived in that holy matrimony are the part of many museum and private collections. You can buy his art in major galleries on every continent. And you are buying the moment that promises eternity. The most important part of his creative process is development of relationship between him and the model (in some cases model could be a city, like Istanbul, Prague, Berlin or Paris). He is a real voyeur, patiently waiting for the moment of revelation and muffled emotion, and he published many books showing that secret and sacred moments. It took a lot persuasion to talk him into world of advertising photography and marketing media, but he is finally here ready to show his best.

Portfolio of his work has been presented in all the major fine art photo magazines in the world, like: Black and White/USA, Schwarzweiss/Germany, Fotoforum/Germany, Photoeye/Bulgaria, Fotografie Magazin/Czech Republic, Photoart Magazin/Czech Republic, Livingston/Hrvatska, Photo/Romania, Refoto/Serbia, IZ/TurkeyPhoto Art International/France, Polka/France.